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The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen, Shelley

It truly is all in the name at The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen in Shelley, great coffee accompanied by an incredible breakfast – the combination does not get much better on a brisk Aussie morning.

As you approach, your senses are seduced with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Even if you aren’t a coffee lover, there’s something about the smell of coffee in the morning that’ll ignite your appetite – lucky for you, The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen has an all-day brunch menu that is guaranteed to hit the spot. After finding an empty table you’ll make your way to the counter, don’t worry about portion sizes here, they are perfect.

The atmosphere here was very cheerful! Everyone seemed to be smiling, plenty of laughter and chit chat – overall a great vibe. We did notice a few other tables hosting casual business meetings or catch ups, which gave the place a very lively feel.

The Benedict with Smoked Salmon - Tribute Cafe, Shelley
The Benedict with Smoked Salmon

The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen menu

Having experienced many breakfasts in our time, we can safely say the breakfast here is just spot on. Just the sight of your meal making its way to you is enough to get your mouth watering. After visiting a few times now, we can safely say it is our go-to breakfast spot in the Riverton area.

With Gluten free and vegetarian options for almost everything on the menu, The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen makes sure everyone is included! We found the menu here to be very accommodating, giving the option of many different add-ons and sides – there is even the option for take-away if you aren’t keen on dining in.

All hot drinks here are served at drinking temperature with the option to have it hotter. The coffee here was so good that we couldn’t help but stay for a second round. If breakfast and coffee isn’t your thing don’t stress! – they have cold drinks all morning and offer a range of delicious tasting burgers from 11:30am.

Check out the full menu here.

The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen - chili scram with chorizo
The Chili Scram with Chorizo

The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen directions

Located at 8/19 Tribute Street West Shelley, The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen asks that you refrain from parking at the Shelley Hub Car Park. There are a few spots right outside, but if you’re not keen to parallel park (like us) – there is plenty of roadside parking along Monota Ave.

If you’re using public transport, conveniently there is a bus stop right outside.

Final thoughts

Incredible food and coffee paired with a lively atmosphere at The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen – there really isn’t a better way to start your day.

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