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In Northbridge, across from the Ice Cream Factory site is a barcade and theatre, Planet Royale. Planet Royale boasts a bar, theatre and retro arcade including many classics such as pinball machines, fighter games, racing games, shooters and whatever else you can think of. These attractions can be enjoyed alongside pizzas, burgers, pastas and salads with a wide variety of drinks including beers and cocktails on tap.

The food

We kept it simple on our visit, going for the pepperoni pizza and a fried chicken sandwich with some popcorn chicken on the side.

Pepperoni pizza is something hard to get wrong, and Planet Royale got it so right. Simple cheese and pepperoni – the cheese was rich and the pepperoni had the right amount of salt and spice to it. The pizza was generously sized with a hefty crust on the thicker side than what we’ve experienced recently, so a word of warning to anyone attempting to devour one themselves (you may or may not need some help).

Planet Royale Northbridge - pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni pizza

The fried chicken sandwich was also a hit. The coating was both light and full of flavour, a perfect match for the creamy coleslaw. The side of chips included were nice and hot, with a slight crunch to them on the outside and fluffy on the inside, adorned with a fancy herby salt. The sambo remained crispy with a low level of grease (compared to other experiences).

Planet Royale Northbridge - fried chicken sandwich
Fried chicken sandwich

The popcorn chicken itself was a pleasant surprise – reminiscent of its namesake from KFC itself, with a little bit of a spicy kick and an intriguing sauce drizzled on top.

Planet Royale Northbridge - popcorn chicken
Popcorn chicken

Check out their menu here.

Planet Royale Northbridge - smoke on the watermelon, riders on the storm
Smoke on the watermelon and Riders on the storm.

Planet Royale location

Planet Royale is located at 12 Lake Street, Northbridge – across from the Ice Cream Factory installation between Roe and James Street. Paid parking is readily available close by on Roe Street at either CPP Roe Street or Wilson Parking Roe Street. It is also a short walk away from the Perth Busport.

Final thoughts

We definitely saw the appeal and had a good time while we were there. The food was great, especially compared to what could typically be expected from an entertainment venue. The drinks were also impressive with the wide range of selections (and cocktails on tap). A great variety of games are available as well. An all round good time to be had at Planet Royale.

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