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Hidden in plain sight within the heart of Joondalup, Philthy McNasty’s is a new fried chicken joint hosting one of the spiciest challenges in Perth – the “cluckin hot” challenge. We weren’t game enough to try it this time, however the brave duo before us seemed to be in a great deal of pain!

Philthy McNasty’s menu

Even though bottomless ice tea is available, we decided to play it safe this time by sticking to something less spicy. We were tempted by the crispy chicken boa bun, chicken popcorn and the philthyburger.

Philthy McNasty's, Joondalup - the philthyburger
The philtyburger, crispy chicken boabun and chicken popcorn

Without a doubt the boa bun was the highlight – delicate exterior with a crispy middle was a great combination. The chicken popcorn was flavourful and light, we definitely recommend accompanying it with a sauce though! Our main piece of advice for visiting is to stick to the chicken, the beef was sadly no where near as good. All things considered, the food here is solid with generous portions, highly recommend.

Philthy McNasty's, Joondalup - the philthyburger
Chicken popcorn

You can view their menu here.

Philthy McNasty’s location

Philthy McNasty’s is located at 8 Dwyer Turn, Joondalup. There is plenty of free parking surrounding the establishment. If you are more inclined to use public transport, the closest bus stop is a short walk away from Shenton Ave, as is the Joondalup train station if trains are your preference.

Final thoughts

Recent reviews drew us in to try this place out – we can conclude that the chicken is well worth the visit! Our experience here was a positive one – we are keen to return and try out the HEAT.

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