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Milky Lane, Perth

Perth now has its own slice of Bondi with the opening of the iconic burger chain Milky Lane in Elizabeth Quay. Chances are if you are up to speed with food instagram you may have come across this establishment before due to their outrageous cocktail and dessert creations. If you are unfamiliar, Milky Lane is a hip-hop themed burger bar founded in Bondi which is now spreading its reach to Perth. This venue has been on our radar for a while and we have finally made the visit and are glad we did so.

Milky Lane menu

When we sat down to eat we had to have quite a think about what to get, it’s a bit difficult to decide when there are so many indulgent options. We eventually landed on a Kevin Bacon and a Milky Lane (to be safe) to scope things out and get a good first impression.

The Milky Lane was a solid, conservative option – Milky Lane’s spin on a standard beef burger, with a double smashed beef patty, double american cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion, tomato with ketchup and mustard. The Kevin Bacon was a behemoth and required some effort to get down but it was achieved nonetheless. A great source of protein with a quadruple smashed patty, quadruple american cheese, maple smoked bacon, onion, BBQ sauce and truffle aioli with caramelised onion and pickles. It was safe to say that both burgers hit the spot. The smashed beef patties had a satisfying crunch to them on the outsides and were intriguingly spiced which added a nice twist. We were happy but our arteries might not have been.

The Kevin Bacon and the Milky Lane.

With all the salty goodness from the burgers we needed some hydration as well. We got ourselves started with a shared cocktail, the Milky Breeze – a mix of sour vodka, martini bianco, blue curacao, coconut, lime, solo and soda. We managed to get 20 glasses from this between us, insane value.

Milky Lane Milky Breeze share cocktail
Milky Lane Milky Breeze share cocktail.

We chased our meal down with a couple of shots – a Willy Wonka Nerd shot and Warhead shot. This was followed by dessert, a Caramilk and Bubble O Bill cocktail. The shots tasted exactly as you would expect them to, incorporating the actual candy with the shots themselves. Rejuvenated with these, we carried on with getting stuck into our desserts. The Bubble O Bill was a mix of vodka, butterscotch liqueur, with nutella, salted caramel, ice cream mix, bubblegum foam, 100s and 1000s and an actual gumball. While delicious, it was incredibly rich. Our word of advice would be to save the gumball for the end. The Caramilk cocktail was a mix of vodka, butterscotch liqueur, ice cream mix and crushed caramilk. This one was a bit less extreme compared to the Bubble O Bill and was more like a fancy Caramilk milkshake.

Milky Lane Bubble O Bill and Caramilk cocktails with Warhead and Wonka Nerd shots.
Milky Lane Bubble O Bill and Caramilk cocktails with Warhead and Wonka Nerds shots.

View their menu for yourself here.

Milky lane location

Milky Lane Perth is located along Elizabeth Quay at 1 Barrack Street. It is a short walk, roughly 5 minutes from the Elizabeth Quay Bus Station and the quay itself, just past the Ritz Carlton Hotel and opposite Supreme Court Gardens. Paid parking is available at the City of Perth Parking car park along Terrace Road.

Final thoughts

Milky Lane has some of the most indulgent and decadent food we have had so far along with some crazy, “out there” dessert and cocktail creations which we have loved. Difficult decisions were made as part of this visit as there is only so much we can handle in one sitting and so many options to choose from. Definitely worth more than one visit to experience as many picks as possible.

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