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A pizzeria nestled within the neighbourhoods of Scarborough, Il Locale. Very active on Instagram, you are sure to have seen a post or two from them if you enjoy Perth foodie social media. Il Locale are purveyors of wood fired Neapolitan pizzas, both with red and white based sauces using authentic italian ingredients sourced locally.

Il Locale menu

You can view their menu here.

The pizzas on offer are straightforward and to the point – red or white base with simple topping combinations, including varieties of italian cheeses and meats. The ingredients speak for themselves.

We went with the Xxxtra hot and the Piggy. The Xxxtra hot was a good hit of chilli with salami, basil and olives – enough heat for a slight sweat but not too much that it ruined the experience. The salami and olives provided a tasteful burst of flavour enhanced by the presence of the basil. Personal preference would have enjoyed slightly less olives, but we will not and cannot complain.

Il Locale - The Xxxtra Hot pizza
The Xxxtra Hot pizza

The Piggy would perhaps be the closest option offered to a typical meatlover’s pizza. A solid dose of protein and salt balanced out with heavenly mozzarella and parmesan cheeses accented with the basil.

Il Locale - The Piggy pizza
The Piggy pizza

The pizzas themselves come in one size, which we found to be perfect given they have a crust on the thinner size. The dough had the right amount of softness to it while remaining firm enough to hold the toppings. The toppings themselves were both generous and restrained, letting the dough and sauce do the talking. Definitely some of the better pizzas to be had around Perth at the moment.

Il Locale location

Il Locale is located at 16C Calais Street in Scarbrough, nestled between Fam Bam Burger Bar and Skol, a 5 minute drive from Scarborough Beach or roughy 20 minutes from the Perth CBD (depending on traffic).

Final thoughts

Overall a solid feed – great woodfired pizzas at the perfect size with soft but firm dough and exquisite toppings.

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