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Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys

Who knew that on a small street corner in Scarborough there would be a little slice of Italy itself? Nestled along St Brigids Terrace somewhere between Scarborough Beach Road and Doubleview is Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys. If the name didn’t give it away, these guys specialise in authentic Italian gnocchi. Opened in January of 2021, it is a crime that they are not more well known.

We have learned that looks can be deceiving. When you think of gnocchi and Italian cuisine your mind is probably cast to nonna’s cooking or maybe even Italy itself – winding pathways among European architecture, scooters parked along the streets and maybe the slightest hint of coffee from a nearby cafe. This sounds nice and all but what if you didn’t need to travel to Italy to have some of the best gnocchi of your life (or at least in Perth)?

Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys menu

The menu itself had us salivating before we even committed to visiting this fine establishment. You might be a fan of Italian food or you might not be (you should be). Bolognese or neapolitan sauce with pasta over and over again can get a bit boring sometimes, we agree. What if you had the choice of thirteen other sauces? Have a gander at them all on their mouth-watering menu:

Yep, you read that right – Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys aren’t messing around and offer fourteen choices in total for your gnocchi (not including the choice of add ons).  Check back to this article in the future – we are already planning our next visit to try out our second choices. This time though, we did have the bolognese (have to make sure the basics are solid, right?) and the mushroom and sausage. Both with added parmesan cheese – they were exceptional. The gnocchi was light and we ended up eating a bucket load of food with no sign of bloating afterwards (as can be the case with some pasta). It was the perfect texture – not floury nor chewy.

Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys - Bolognese Gnocchi

Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys – Bolognese Gnocchi

Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys - Mushroom and Sausage Gnocchi

Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys – Mushroom and Sausage Gnocchi

Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys - Meatlovers Pizza

Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys – Meatlovers Pizza

Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys menu

Not far from Scarborough Beach Road, Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys is located at 178C St Brigids Terrace on the corner of St Brigids Terrace and Gildercliffe Street. About a 5 minute drive from Scarborough Beach and Westfield Innaloo respectively or roughly a 20 minute drive from the Perth CBD, give or take based on traffic.

There is parking along the road next to the businesses and a small car park within the adjoining plaza. If it’s a bit busy there’s a little bit more parking near the roundabout outside Kinky Swell (toward Brighton Road and Fulford Street).

The best option for public transport would be a bus ride and a bit of a walk, the closest stations appearing to be Scarborough Beach Road after Herbert Road (Stop ID: 11469) outside the Doubleview IGA or Scarborough Beach Rd After Gildercliffe St (Stop ID: 12560) and then a roughly 6 minute walk (about 500m) to Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys (well worth it…).

Final thoughts

An absolutely solid feed. We will promptly be revisiting to try as many of the sauces we can until we are sick of gnocchi (if that is even possible).

For more details visit their website.

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