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Eggspot, North Perth

Hidden in plain sight in North Perth is a little restaurant that is home to perhaps Perth’s best egg sandwiches – Eggspot. Originally established in Fremantle, they have now stepped foot over the river with a venue in the heart of North Perth. Their signature specialty if you haven’t already guessed is eggs – soft and fluffy scrambled (or fried) eggs which prominently feature in all of their dishes in cahoots with brioche buns. The general consensus seems to be that these egg burgers serve as a great post-hangover pick me up, but you don’t need to endure a night of drinking to justify stopping by and indulging in a mouth watering meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Eggspot North Perth menu

Whether you want egg as the focus or an embellishment of your meal, the choice is up to you. Options range from those such as the Eggspot OG (eggs, cheese, aioli), the Curried Eggs (curried eggs, cheese, hashbrown, aioli), to the Ol’ Ham and Cheese featuring an eggy twist on the time-tested ham and cheese toasted sandwich. If you’re feeling something more you can indulge in an Eggspot Cheeseburger or Fried Chicken or some of the more fancy gourmet burgers on the menu. You can view their menu on their website.

For our visit we stuck to the fundamentals – with a simple concept such as eggs we didn’t want to overcomplicate it for the first impression. We got ourselves stuck into an Eggspot OG, an Eggspot Cheeseburger and an Eggspot Fried Chicken.

The OG Eggspot - Eggspot North Perth

The OG Eggspot

The Eggspot OG is a great proof of concept if you have trouble deciding. Eggspot has kept it simple with the OG, being only eggs, cheese and aioli in a brioche bun. The Fried Chicken was delicious as well, with a satisfying crunch on the coating and a good seasoning mix.

The Eggspot Fried Chicken - Eggspot North Perth

The Eggspot Fried Chicken

The Eggspot Cheeseburger features a cumin beef patty with scrambled eggs, pickles, red onion, chipotle aioli and ketchup. The cumin changes the game a little, giving it a herby flavour which in conjunction with the pickles and red onion makes it much more interesting than a regular cheeseburger. The beef patty was grilled to perfection with a slight crunch on the outside (but without being overcooked) which added a nice contrast to the fluffy scrambled eggs. The fries were fresh with a perfect crunch and golden colour to them.

The Eggspot Cheeseburger - Eggspot North Perth

The Eggspot Cheeseburger

Overall this was a very filling meal, though quite messy. The eggs are incredibly soft, fluffy and moist, and with the brioche bun can pose a challenge to keep together with every bite. From the get go, after freeing the burger from the wrapping and sinking your teeth in, the clock is ticking before the burger falls apart. While not being a turn off for us, we could see it being an issue for others. That being said, if you’re not afraid to get your hands a bit dirty you will definitely enjoy the feed.

If you do end up visiting, don’t forget to try their coffee. We happened to round out our meal with one before we left and were pleasantly surprised by the quality. Their beans are supplied by Blacklist Coffee Roasters, and award winning specialty roaster. The flat whites we had were incredibly smooth.

Eggspot North Perth directions

Eggspot is tucked away on Angove Street across from the Rosemount, just off Fitzgerald Street. Parking is available along the street (if you’re lucky), or closeby behind the Rosemount. If you’re not fussed by a short walk more parking is available behind Pot Black or by Coles heading south along Fitzgerald. Bus stops are also close by with stops along Fitzgerald after Marmion if heading towards the city, or Fitzgerald after Menzies heading out of the city.

Final thoughts

A very rich and filling meal – another venue to be added to the list worthy of a revisit for sample the variety of the menu.

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