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Chubby Boy, Inglewood

If you’ve recently driven down the Beaufort street strip and we’re paying attention you might have noticed a new establishment just past the Woolworths on the corner of Eighth Avenue. Chubby Boy is an establishment specialising in shokupan toast – traditional Japanese bread. They offer a variety of sweet and savoury dishes with their signature shokupan bread all day throughout the week.

Chubby Boy menu

Every dish on the menu incorporates in some way Chubby Boy’s shokupan bread, with a range of sweet dishes, savoury dishes, and a combination of the two. The bread itself is served in thick slices, however, it is incredibly soft and spongy, reminiscent of brioche bread but not as sweet. Looking at the menu for your first visit will likely cause you trouble in making a decision about what to have, and we’re sure will motivate you to visit again. In addition to the taste, the presentation is sure to bring you back just for photos to show everyone afterwards.

Chubby Boy - creme brulee and bacon shokupan
Chubby Boy’s creme brulee and bacon shokupan.

Our selections for this visit were the creme brulee and bacon shokupan and the kewpie hashbrown and egg sando. The unique combination of creme brulee and bacon piqued our interest and certainly did not disappoint. Pictured above, the shokupan was adorned with crispy bacon and creme brulee chips, along with strawberries, cream, caramel and icing sugar. An interesting combination that, while eating, seemed to make so much more sense compared to the first impression reading the menu. We’re sure other people would probably think the same at first, but Chubby Boy would definitely convince them otherwise.

Chubby Boy - kewpie hashbrown and egg sando.

The kewpie hashbrown and egg sando also delivered a strong impression. The Japanese mayonnaise added an interesting twist to the hashbrown and egg. The hashbrown was cooked perfectly – hot, crispy and golden brown, contrasted beautifully with the fluffy eggs. The bread was lightly toasted and had a light, satisfying crunch to it which made for a satisfying meal. For those who haven’t had kewpie mayonnaise, it is not quite like the sweeter mayonnaise that you would expect from the supermarket – in fact, it was not sweet at all and more on the savoury side. The unique flavour tied the sando together, simultaneously adding an unexpected twist in flavour.

Check out their menu here.

Where is Chubby Boy?

Chubby Boy is located at 861 Beaufort Street, Inglewood. Head down Beaufort Street towards the city and you will find it just past the newly developed Woolworths on the corner of Beaufort and Eighth Avenue. Parking is available underground at the Woolworths or along Beaufort Street itself (if you’re lucky). If going by bus it won’t be hard to find as there is a stop just down the road, Beaufort St Before Eighth Avenue (Stop ID: 12161).

Final thoughts

This is definitely somewhere that deserves multiple visits simply to try as many things off the menu as possible – not just for the flavours but for the photos for the gram.

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