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Charlie’s BBQ oozes a family friendly vibe, the atmosphere upon entering is both warm and inviting. The consistently great tasting and fresh food is a recipe for success that Charlies BBQ has nailed! It’s easy to see why this establishment has become so popular.

Charlie’s BBQ menu

If indulgence is your guilty pleasure, then the burgers at Charlie’s BBQ are exactly what you need. We say this with a stern warning however – you will be opening WIDE to fit in some of these monsters! 

The Big Tex was a mountain of protein, dripping with sauce and flavour. We found the burger to be quite subtle however, it wasn’t overwhelming in the slightest!

Charlies BBQ - The Big Tex Burger
The Big Tex Burger

The Tenders were a huge hit, an extra crispy exterior coating the juicy chicken inside. The chips were cooked fresh, in a light seasoning that wasn’t overpowering at all.

Charlies BBQ - The OG Tenders
The OG Tenders

You can view their menu here.

Charlie’s BBQ location

Fortunately parking is no issue at all here, Charlies BBQ is located just outside of the Currambine shopping center. 

If the bus is more convienient for you, there is a bus stop just across the road on Shenton Ave!

Final thoughts

Top tier burgers, a hearty feed.

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