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Here at Perth Feeds we definitely enjoy our pizza and are very particular about it. We try our best to sample as many pizza places as we can to save you the trouble and inform you of the best places that we have found (so far!).

We don’t have a perfect pizza because we don’t think there is one. We are open minded and will enjoy a pizza for what it is, whether it is a thin or thick crust, whether the toppings are excessive or scarce – if it is a good pizza, it is a good pizza. We love variety so we try to experience everything we can along the spectrum.

In no particular order, these are some of the best pizza places you will find (that we know of so far 😉) in Perth in 2023:

Alfred’s Pizzeria, Perth

Alfred’s Pizzeria is a small bar hidden underground along Barrack Street. The pizzas are reasonably sized as a meal for one person to go with a drink or several, and they have perfected the ratios of crust thickness to circumference to density of toppings. A little bit on the thinner side with the crust, and enough toppings to keep you interested (quality over quantity we felt like). A very solid feed. Check out our review here.

Il Locale, Scarborough

Il Locale is a hidden gem in the neighbourhoods of Scarborough, purveying authentic Neapolitan style woodfired pizzas. One bite and you can tell they are using premium Italian ingredients. The crusts are on the thinner side, but are balanced nicely with the amount of toppings. Very authentic wood fired with the crispy edges (ever so slightly burnt in some spots because of the wood fired oven), hits the spot well. Check out our review here.

Monsterella, Floreat

Another great traditional italian pizza establishment. We haven’t been for a while and plan on going again soon, but it is always in the back of the mind when thinking about Perth pizza joins. Delicious wood fired pizza with authentic italian ingredients. Definitely on the fancier side with the topping combinations that you can’t get anywhere else.

Planet Royale, Northbridge

A hefty meal to be had with a pizza from Planet Royale. We found it to be on the thicker side in terms of crust, and generous with the toppings. We wouldn’t necessarily call it gourmet or fancy, but it was a straight-forward and delicious pizza (very cheesy). Cannot go wrong here, especially when paired with some arcade games and cocktails on tap. Check out our review here.

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