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We don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good burger. Maybe you don’t, but then we’d wonder why you’re on this page, because we want to share with you the best burgers in Perth (in our opinion).

There is just something about eating a burger, having it firmly grasped in both hands, expanding your jaw to take the biggest bite you can… We theorise that the experience is more enjoyable because we’re eating with our hands and are more connected with the food itself. When your hands are messy after a burger, chances are you’ve had a heavenly experience.

With that said, let us inform you of some of the places we have had some incredible burgers (this list is not exhaustive and is not in any particular order):

Varsity Project, Morley

While specifying Varsity Project Morley, in this case, as we have formally posted about them in the past, our experience is pretty similar across all locations. Varsity has some absolutely consistently solid burgers. Whether your preference is chicken or beef Varsity will not let you down. Check out our review here.

The Texan Burger - Varsity Project Morley
The Texan Burger – Varsity Project Morley

Egg Spot, North Perth

Eggspot is an interesting place, specialising in egg sandwiches, but they do it very well and are up there in our experiences with burgers. The egg adds an interesting dynamic, and we can’t say we’ve really seen this done much elsewhere. The cumin beef patty in the Eggspot Cheeseburger was delicious. Check out our review here.

The Eggspot Cheeseburger - Eggspot North Perth
The Eggspot Cheeseburger – Eggspot North Perth

Two Stacks, Fremantle

Unbelievably good burgers stashed away in Fremantle. Specialising in smash burgers, Two Stacks deliver on a mouthwatering experience. Nothing beats the crunch on that initial mouthful followed by an intense burst of flavour. Check out our review here.

Two Stacks, Fremantle - Chipotle Cheese Smash
Two Stacks, Fremantle – Chipotle Cheese Smash

Drasko’s Hot Chicken, Mount Hawthorn

Special mention for Drasko’s Hot Chicken if you enjoy a good chicken sandwich and aren’t afraid of some heat. They keep things simple focusing on Nashville style hot chicken, so if you’re looking for another kind of sandwich or burger you will be out of luck. Regardless, what they do, they do incredibly well and you won’t find anything else like it in Perth. Check out our review here.

Drasko's Hot Chicken - Hot Signature Sando
Drasko’s Signature Sando (HOT)

Stay tuned for more… we’d love to hear your choices on the best burgers in Perth.

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