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Tucked away under Perth’s busy streets is a tiny bar full of character, rustic vibes and most importantly – pizza. Alfred’s Pizzeria is hidden so well that we almost strolled right by it, luckily the neon lights drew us in and wow… what an experience. Walking down the steps, the whole place is covered in old news paper articles, whiskey casks and plenty of eye catching trinkets. 

This isn’t your typical sit-down dining experience, but more of a casual hang out after a long days work to wind down. The staff behind the bar provided very quick and friendly service, adding a lot of value to the relaxed atmosphere.

Alfred's Pizzeria - outside
Alfred’s Pizzeria

Alfred’s Pizzeria menu

We both agree that the pizza has the perfect amount of mouth-watering greasiness to really hit the spot after a couple of beers. The ratio of toppings to crust is top tier here at Alfred’s Pizzeria. Crispy thin crust and minimal toppings, leaves you feeling satisfied instead of violated. 

The cacciatore sauce on the Big Al stole the show, rich and absolutely overflowing with flavours. The heat from The Rocky was a stand out, a subtle burn that lingered on your lips. 

Alfred's Pizzeria - The Big Al
The Big Al

The simple nature of the pizzas really let the flavours speak for themselves, no nonsense – just you and the sauce. We both knew what we were putting in our mouths, it was so good we couldn’t stop.

Alfred's Pizzeria - The Rocky
The Rocky

You can view their menu here.

Alfred’s Pizzeria location

Located at 37 Barrack street, you can find plenty of parking at 517 Hay St Wilson Parking or CPP Citiplace. Both are under 10 minutes walk from the pizzeria. Alternatively, Perth Bus Port is an 11 minute walk away.

Final thoughts

Definitely a place worth stumbling over to for a great Perth feed. Relaxing ambience and a charming atmosphere – you could easily spend hours here.

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